Quality in engineering processes

In AMT we welcome a list of manufacturing, safety, design, testing, quality and other regulations that govern all our projects and fans.

  • AMCA Standards for fans.
  • D 2006/42 / CE Machinery / Machinery Directive / Directive sur Machines Directive.
  • D 2006/95 / CE Low Voltage Directive / Low Voltage Directive.
  • D 2004/108 / EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive / Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility // Directive south Compatibilité Électromagnétique.
  • Vibrations in the bearings according to the Standard VDI-2056.
  • ISO 14694: 2003 -Industrial fans: Specifications for the quality of the balancing and the vibration levels.Industry Services.
  • Static and dynamic balancing according to VDI 2060 / ISO 1940-1.
  • Proof of Characteristics according to ISO 5801.
  • Noise tests according to ISO 3746.
  • API 673: 2002 - Centrifugal Fans for Petroleum, Chemical and Gas.
  • API 673: 2014 - Centrifugal Fans for Petroleum, Chemical and Gas.
  • API 560: 2007 Annex E - Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service.

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