As the main service for our client, it is the support at the engineering and technical office level for those projects that for different reasons you can not carry out internally. We give the solution to those specific needs to develop a project, even from beginning to end, from our offices or from the hand of your managers moving to your facilities. It is a flexible and practical tool and of great technical efficiency.

Because we develop a design and management system adapted to each client, from the smallest to the largest. Our tools and capabilities allow us to minimize the development times of a project, from the design to the finished product.

Our internal capacity and technical office, allows us to manage ALL the necessary processes, from documentary and design, to purchasing or provisioning and dispatch. We have laser cutting machine material and with the necessary resources to cover each and every one of the manufacturing and testing processes. Do not worry about anything, we have what you needs.

Because we signed a confidentiality contract with our clients. We offer the necessary confidence so that you have the certainty that the manufactured product, it seems that you have done it.

Our experience in manufacturing equipment goods allows us to offer the services of welding and boiler making, from the design, generation of documentation and plans, and collection of materials, to the different surface treatments and paint necessary and required by our customers. We give generic manufacturing solutions for all types of electromechanical machines of good quality, adjusted prices, and adapting to the needs of each client. Confidentiality and guarantee in each of our services.

No. Our designs are always adapted to the working conditions, of heavy-duty construction, of great resistance and reliability, and with a very long life if the basic and fundamental maintenance recommendations are followed. Additionally, we supply the elementary parts of each fan or accessory, those that are likely to be replaced if there are wear conditions.

Yes you can. The wide range of fans that AMT has developed in these years allows us to adapt to the dimensions or layout of each installation without affecting it.

We treat each project and we study it from the beginning as unique, this means that it is customized according to the needs of the client. We are specialized in defining each fan in the most precise way, fortunately the market allows us to access materials or products capable of withstanding the most rigorous conditions, if necessary. A clean or dirty / dusty fluid, very high temperatures of 600ºC or extremely low as -40ºC, explosive zones or ATEX, pharmaceutical or chemical industries where the materials must have special treatments, sectors with specific regulations and high demands on mechanical designs... as a summary, for each of these possibilities, we have the ideal equipment and the most suitable manufacturing and commercial materials.

Yes you can, our fans are designed and are prepared to work within a logical and efficient range without detriment to the mechanical characteristics of the equipment. For this, we can consider air regulation systems that we can also supply and that are synchronized with the fan to avoid possible loss of performance. The other option is to install a frequency inverter that regulates the speed of the equipment and as a consequence, the work points.

As our specialty is custom designs, have the necessary air flow and the pressure that must overcome in the circuit at the corresponding temperature, are the basic data to offer you the best option. Altitude and relative humidity also influence the density of the fluid, so any value that can be contributed in this way helps to define more precisely the operating conditions.

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