Resources for the manufacture of capital goods

Resources of our Engineering Team

For greater efficiency in each of our services, we have:

  • Specialists in 2D and 3D programs.
  • With a wide network of collaborators, we cover all the possible manufacturing processes, always with the best quality.
  • Own workshop and qualified personnel for the development and manufacture.


Human team

Professionals with more than 20 years of experience ensure that all our products have an unmatched quality.

We have technical specialists in 2D and 3D programs and with a wide network of collaborators, we cover all the possible manufacturing processes, always with the best quality.

Our new additions of personnel and subcontractors also allow us to offer the customer assembly services, either in our own facilities or how and where the client requires it.

These are the associative profiles to our services for each client:

  • Process engineers
  • Engineers and project managers
  • Delineation and technical office
  • Procurement and procurement departments
  • Logistics and expedition departments
  • Engineers in i + d + i
  • Industrial engineering in general
  • Computer and programming engineers
  • Technicians and industrial maintenance personnel

Think big and your facts will grow, think small and you will stay behind, think youare able and you will; Everything is in our mind.

Doctor Christian Barnard.


In our new facilities of Larrabetzu (Vizcaya):

The offices are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, capable of moving the most advanced CAD-CAM software in the market, in a way that allows us to offer the client the best possible quality in our engineering services.

In the workshop we can carry out all kind of operations, such as high-quality machining, laser cutting, bending and bending, and all types of welding.

AMT has its central facilities in the Sasine of Larrabetzu Business Park (Vizcaya), located in the vicinity of Bilbao and in the heart of the Basque Country, in northern Spain and near the French border. It has a strategic location, 10 minutes far from the airport of Loiu (Bilbao) and the port of Bilbao. We have a large area where we can carry out all our projects.


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