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Axial Fans

Axial Fans (0)

Fabricamos ventiladores axiales, hechos a medida, y de altas prestaciones, siendo productos de elevada eficiencia por lo que favorecen el ahorro energético, sobre todo en grandes plantas industriales.

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Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Fans (0)

Fabricamos ventiladores centrífugos, de altas presataciones y diseños específicos para diferentes sectores industriales.

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Impellers (0)

At Air Movement Technologies we specialize in the design and manufacture of industrial fans and their peripherals, such as accessories, regulation and fluid control systems, driving elements and soundproofing, etc...

We offer our customers the best impellers for axial and centrifugal fans on the market, made to measure, and high performance, being highly efficient products that favor energy savings, especially in large industrial plants where energy consumption is so considerable.

Our specialty is to adapt to the needs of the installation or industrial plant, providing the best solution for each case. For this, we customize each product and manufacture it according to the specific requirements of each sector or application. This allows us to design impellers for fans that comply with regulations such as ATEX and API for the petrochemical industry.



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